What annoys the Flight Attendants: an Overview

Flight attendants at AIRPAZ may have to endure annoying or irritating passengers. They will not talk about it, but here are the things that annoy them the most: rude or condescending passengers, those who are too tactile, those who blame them for theft, those who abuse the button, etc.

Dead in the Hold

It is quite possible that the commercial flight you are taking may be used to carry human organs or even corpses in the hold.

Take Revenge Discreetly

If the flight attendants who make the recording fall out with a passenger particularly unpleasant, if he has not reserved a specific place, they can take “revenge” by allocating a seat that is for example surrounded by babies or close to bathroom.

Doubtful Hygiene

Some companies do not throw tray trays and do not disinfect shelves or armrests between flights, reuse towels by simply folding. As a result, the plane is a nest microbe. According to Science & Vie magazine, “Escherichia coli survive 4 days on the armrests and 3 days on the meal trays. More stubborn, Staphylococcus Aureus remains alive a week in the fabric of the pocket of the seats “.

Soft Light and Evacuation

If the light is dimmed on take-off and landing of night flights, it is not because the pilot is benevolent with his passengers and he wants them to sleep in good conditions. No, if he does, it is that in case of an emergency evacuation, the eyes of the passengers must be accustomed to a semi-darkness to be able to more easily locate the luminous evacuation indications. .

Open the Toilet from the Outside

For obvious safety reasons (fire, malaise or other), the staff has the possibility to unlock the toilet from the outside.

The Pilot Sleeps in Flight

A pilot who sleeps during the flight can seem scary. This is the reality. It should be noted, however, that he falls asleep, but that his teammate takes the relay. On very long haul, pilots can even be 3 to alternate.

The Plane may be Struck by Lightning

The flight crew will certainly not tell you, but the plane can be struck by lightning without any risk. All devices must be lightning resistant to fly. According to the Futura Science website, “Statistics show that airliners are struck down every 1500 flying hours. But the metal cabin of the plane acts as Faraday cage, thus protecting those who are inside. However, minor damage can be caused by the lightning bolt: millimeter holes, destruction of sensors, etc.”

Paid Only on Board

The flight attendants are not paid from the moment they arrive at the airport. The reality is that they are only when the aircraft door closes, or the plane begins to roll, according to the companies.

The whole Can

When the drink you choose is packaged in a can, you can ask to have it all and not just one glass.

To summarize: from take-off to landing, which does not include all the delays that can happen before and after.